Services Offered

The services described here are offered individually and in combination.

A Note about Personal History Books
Personal history is really a specific project type, rather than an individual service, but I mention it here because the list of services seems incomplete without it. Sometimes I work with clients from start to finish on their personal histories, providing many of the services listed below. In other cases, a client will hire me for a specific step in the process, like layout or proofreading. You can find out more about the process for creating a personal history here.

Print Design
Cathemeral Press focuses on book and publication design, but I also work on other print-based projects, including business cards, wedding invitations, and menus. I design for digital, offset, and letterpress printing processes.

Custom Bookbinding & Boxmaking
I work with a variety of functional and decorative binding structures for books, binders, portfolios, slipcases, and boxes. One-of-a-kind and short-run projects are best suited to custom binding, but I am open to producing large editions in certain cases. I also provide consulting and project management for larger-run and commercially-produced bindings.

Letterpress Printing
Letterpress printing is best suited to small and medium-sized runs (25-500 prints) and limited color palettes. It’s a beautiful, tactile printing process that uses raised type or plates to print one color at a time, leaving a physical impression in the paper or other printed material.  My shared studio includes both platen and flatbed press models.

Writing, Editing, & Proofreading
I offer writing, editing, and proofreading services for personal histories and other print-based projects as well as web sites. For projects with more than a minimal amount of text, it’s best to have a separate writer and proofreader.

Project Management & Coordination
Sometimes a project requires outsourcing a service to another artist, designer, writer, or vendor. For example, I often work with digital and offset printers to produce personal history books. And for a project that involves a large amount of text, I will usually hire a proofreader. I will coordinate the efforts of the separate service providers to ensure a seamless process with a single point of contact for the client (unless, of course, someone else is already in charge of the project and I’m hired for an individual service).