The Game America Plays

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The Game America Plays
by Bill Plummer III

Organization history book published by Arnica Publishing, Inc. I designed the book in collaboration with Aimee Genter while working at Arnica.


This book was published by Arnica Publishing, Inc. for the Amateur Softball Association of America to commemorate their 75th Anniversary.

Excerpt from the book:

“After seventy-five years, we’re still ticking because of the love and passion of thousands of people who felt it was worth the effort and time to make the ASA the No. 1 softball organization in the United States. Personally, my involvement has offered a lifetime of memories of “The Game America Plays,” and has introduced me to some of the best and most dedicated people in the sport. I consider myself lucky to have worked with so many of them. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Book specifications
8.25×10.25″ full-color with hard cover. Offset-printed and hard bound. 192 pages.