Seven Speeches About Personal History

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Seven Speeches About Personal History
edited by Kathleen McGreevy

Digital book (pdf) produced by APH, the Association of Personal Historians, with design by Cathemeral Press


This project is a volunteer-based fundraiser for APH. The organization compiled speeches about personal history from seven veteran members. Kathleen McGreevy of Chapter Savers LLC editied the material and wrote a preface. I designed the book for digital distribution as a pdf. It’s available for sale to APH members here.

Excerpt from the book:

“In this publication you’ll find seven speeches that were written, practiced, and delivered by some of your colleagues in the Association of Personal Historians—Gloria Nussbaum, Sharon Waldman, Marcia Orland, Loretta Heindrichs, Kathleen McGreevy, Michele Williams and Fran Morley. In the “About This Speech” sections, they’ve included many valuable hints about making your sessions at the podium more successful.”

Book specifications
8.5×11″ black & white pdf for digital distribution. 33 pages.