Of True Value

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Of True Value
by Henrica H. Bors & Harriet G. J. Lovin

Memoir book designed by Cathemeral Press


I designed this book for a client who specifically wanted to publish and sell it on Blurb. You can see it for sale here. From the book’s back cover:

“This narrative is far more than just a family story. The record of Dutch life from the late nineteenth century to the 1960s is positively amazing in its completeness and detail through the actual lives of these family members. The description of the Dutch experience in the war is well told—riveting, in fact—and historically valuable.”
­ — Barbara J. Scot, author of Prairie Reunion, a  New York Times Notable Book for 1995

Book specifications
6×9″ black & white trade paperback with full-color cover. Digitally printed and perfect bound by Blurb. 436 pages.