A Dad’s Story

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A Dad’s Story
by John M. Garcia & Emily Garcia

Memoir Book produced by Cathemeral Press


This is my grandfather’s story. I completed the first edition of this book as my thesis project in graphic design while I was at Washington University in St. Louis. My grandfather, John, had been asked by a daughter-in-law to write about his childhood in Cuba. Starting with an incomplete manuscript and some old photo albums, I did theĀ  interviewing, writing, and editing to complete the text, as well as photo scanning, design, and hand-binding. The second edition is a work in progress, due to be finished by Christmas of 2011.

Excerpt from the book:

“I knew as I was leaving that I was putting my childhood behind me, that it was being relegated to my past, but I remembered every one of my friends with a kind feeling. They will always be in my mind and heart. We really were very close as friends, regardless of what we thought about politics. Some of my friends died fighting and some did not. I always wondered if I had stayed, would it have made a difference? I will never know. It is a great tragedy what happened in Cuba.”

Book specifications
1st edition: 7×10″ full-color with hard cover. Laser-cut image on front cover. Digitally printed and hand-bound in a modified accordion by Cathemeral Press. 125 pages.