About the Company

Cathemeral Press specializes in creating illustrated, heirloom-quality books for personal, family, and organizational histories. Personal histories usually recount an individual’s life story. Family histories and genealogies are often included in personal histories, or they may be stand-alone projects. More broadly, Cathemeral Press offers graphic design, bookbinding, letterpress printing, editing, proofreading, and project-management services for a wide range of print-based projects. Recent work includes memoirs, business cards, wedding invitations, menus, and guest books.

Challenge Advance 40" guillotine paper cutterI also provide consulting and one-on-one instruction for writers, artists, and other small business owners in the following areas: graphic design (including software training), binding, letterpress, marketing, social media, and WordPress websites. For a complete list of offerings, visit Services.


The Press

The name Cathemeral “Press” (as opposed to Cathemeral “Design” or “Media” or “Studio”)  indicates a focus on books and other printed matter. (For an explanation of the word cathemeral, click here.) I spend a good deal of design time on a computer, but most of my projects end up printed on paper or another physical substrate. The “press” is also a nod to my background in letterpress printing and hand bookbinding. I wasn’t convinced that I wanted anything to do with graphic design until I discovered letterpress.

And there is a physical press: my Vandercook 219 Oldstyle, which is part of the shared equipment inventory at Em Space. The 219 is a flatbed, cylinder proof press that prints one color, one hand-fed sheet at a time. I also own a Challenge Advance Paper Cutter, which has a 40-inch, guillotine-style blade.